Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cranberry Sauce

Here is our cranberry sauce for tonight.  You can follow the directions on the back of the bag if you want to.  It is very easy.

1 bag of cranberries
1/2-1 cup of sugar
1 cup water or orange juice

Put everything into a sauce pan, cook on medium until the berries begin popping.  Don’t worry, it isn’t like popcorn, but you can hear them split—or pop—when they heat up.  Once they have all popped, after about 5 minutes, turn off the heat.  I like to mash mine, like I did for the second picture, but you don’t have to.  If you pour it into a dish—don’t use plastic—and refrigerate it for a few hours, it will gel and be nice to serve.  I know some people who like it hot, so if you are a person who wants hot cranberry sauce, put it into a gravy boat and set it on the table.


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