Friday, January 4, 2013

Beans and Rice Storage and Cooking

I wanted to show people how I cook and store my beans and rice.  I put the rice into Mason jars and the beans are in the containers they came in from Whole Foods.  I don’t have enough jars yet for everything, but it is a good start.  I cook a lot in my pressure cooker and use my rice cooker several times each week.  They are both quick and easy.  Tonight’s dinner is going to be beans over red cargo rice with cornbread on the side.  You can see the beans in the pressure cooker and the red cargo rice in the rice cooker.

 Instead of pasta last night, we made chili and cornbread. I just put a piece of cornbread in the bottom of the bowl and a spoonful of chili on top. Yummy! 

When I was growing up, my mother used a cast iron frying pan to make cornbread in all the time. She grew up in Arkansas and sometimes just HAD to have beans, greens, and cornbread. A few years ago, she asked me if I wanted it. Yes! Now the girls and I pull out Mom's pan and bake cornbread in it. We found that oil is not necessary to get that really crunchy bottom--just pop the pan in the oven while it preheats and then put the batter in. Okay, it isn't quite as crunchy as with oil, but close enough for me to smile when I bite into it. I made two batches last night since the first one was almost inhaled by the girls; naturally, most of the second batch is still with us. Sooo, tonight will be beans and kale over red cargo rice with cornbread.

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