Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I just did not feel like doing much cooking today, so we decided on pizza!  We bought a vegan crust at the store, put sauce on it, Daiya, mushrooms, spinach, and fresh sliced tomatoes.  Mmmmm!  Ten minutes in the oven and it will be done—I’m still waiting, but it already smells good!  My daughter sprinkled some dried oregano on top.

Eating a healthy diet, free of animal products and oils, does not have to be boring at all, or difficult!  It took us about 10 minutes to put this pizza together with one of us slicing and the other assembling.  It will be much cheaper than going and buying one, too.  It works out to $1.50 for the crust, 50-cents for the mushrooms, 50 cents for 1 tomato, maybe 10 cents for the spinach, and $2.00 for 1/2 package of Daiya.  That brings us to $4.60 for this terrific looking pizza!  That's less expensive than the cheapest pizza I can find around here--Little Casear's one topping for $5.00 plus tax.  I think this one will taste better....

Happy eats, everyone!

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