Thursday, October 18, 2012

Leftover Thursday

Today was a leftovers day.  I had oatmeal and a yellow bell pepper for breakfast, mushroom stroganoff for lunch, and eggplant stew over polenta for dinner.  It was a good day!  Tomorrow night we are having friends over for dinner.  They have three teenagers, just like we do; so we will have 6 teenagers here for dinner!  Naturally, we have pizza on the menu.  I am going to pick up another package of mozzerella-flavored Daiya after work tomorrow, really should have gotten it today, but I didn't think about it.  We are also going to make black and yellow couscous, a recipe my husband makes that Mary McDougall created.  They do not eat a plant-based, vegan diet, so I want to have another choice for them, maybe beans are rice?  I'm just not sure.  If you have an idea, I'd love to hear it.  One child of mine just suggested a tossed salad, so maybe that will be enough.

Happy eating!

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