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I adapted this from the following recipe that I found online and the dipping sauce is almost exactly what I found at this website:
This website is NOT vegan, so if you do not want to look at ingredients that are non-vegan, don't go. 

Here is how I adapted this recipe to make it vegan:

1 bunch of fresh green onions

2 cups flour
2 cups water
2 eggs worth of EnerG Egg Replacer
1 pinch of black salt
1/4 t tumeric powder

dipping sauce:
4 T rice wine vinegar
4 T dark soy sauce (I love the dark, from the oriental market--you can use regular soy sauce)
1 t minced garlic
1/2 t black sesame oil
1/2 t chili pepper flakes

First mix the dipping sauce in a small bowl.  Let it sit while you make the Pajeon.  Mix the batter using a whisk to keep everything smooth.  Slice the green onions in 1-inch pieces, then add them to the batter and stir.  Drop by the spoonful onto your already heated griddle or pan.  I heated to medium while I mixed the batter.  I also sprayed the pan with non-stick spray for the first batch, but did not like that the oil darkened, so I wiped it off and the Pajeon still cooked nicely.  Probably because of the sesame oil in the batter.  Turn the Pajeon once they are browned lightly and cook the other side.  Then eat! 

These are really good! I wanted something inexpensive and tasty and this was it.  This was inexpensive for me because I usually cook a LOT of Asian food and I already had the ingredients for the dipping sauce in my pantry.

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