Saturday, October 13, 2012

What to Cook??

Today is menu day, but I don't have one!  My daughter, who has been visiting her grandmother for the past two weeks, is returning this evening.  So I will be heading to the grocery store in a little while.  Any ideas on what to fix this week?  Anyone?  It needs to be fairly simple and I can't buy expensive ingredients; that would mostly be things that are out of season.  I have three teenagers, so anything that is quick and they can snack on it would be enjoyed by them.  

I almost forgot:  we will be having company over for dinner later this week.  They are omnivores, but want to begin eating this way, they just need ideas and to give it a try.  So I want to cook something yummy for them, but I work full-time and won't have a lot of time.  This is a family that is friends of ours and they also have three teenagers, so likes and dislikes should at least be similar.  I hope.

I will be checking here once I get on the road to "the big city" and see if anyone else has a great idea.  Don't worry, I have someone else driving. :)

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